Genesis Chimp Money Supply: 24000

$CHIMP Distribution Period: 24 hours

ChimpGenesisRewardPool : 0xBB60Fe19FE13B9dB1754af070b04b6E36A9D1b7C


Do not worry, the staked tokens and rewards can be withdrawn at any time even when the genesis pools are over.

Here is a little guide on how to stake your token in our genesis pool:

1. Go to the Farm page on our website

2. Click on "Stake" to choose the pool where you want to deposit your token

3. Click on "Approve"

4. Click on "+"

5. Press "max"

6. Click on "confirm" to stake

7. Refresh the page to check if the tokens have been deposited and staked.

1% Deposit Fee applied for non-native tokens


All transactions require approval first before the protocol is allowed to use your tokens! After the approval transaction is processed, a “+” button should appear. Should it not appear on its own, refresh the page and it should be present. Click the “+” button and you are now able to deposit your token, et voila!

$SMOOTHIE(SHARE) Reward Pools will be launched after Genesis. Investors can deposit their LP tokens to farm $SMOOTHIE(SHARE) Rewards after Genesis!

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