SMOOTHIE Rebates let the treasury build capital and protocol owned liquidity by allowing the sale of discounted SMOOTHIE in an OTC (Over The Counter) format. The discount on SMOOTHIE will range between 5-10% however the amount of SMOOTHIE available for sale each rebate will be severely limited as it comes from the DAO's vested shares. The community can purchase discounted SMOOTHIE through these rebates using BANANA, CHIMP-BANANA LP or SMOOTHIE-BANANA LP.

The price of SMOOTHIE is based on the same TWAP mechanism that the Winery uses with CHIMP. A custom SMOOTHIE oracle has been deployed which uses the Chainlink MIM/USD price feed to calculate an average price of SMOOTHIE in MIM over time so as to be manipulation resistant. The discount rate of SMOOTHIE is set to a fixed rate based on this TWAP price, however this TWAP will likely vary from the current market price of SMOOTHIE.


  • SMOOTHIE purchased through the rebate system is vested linearly for 3 days and amounts can be claimed during this time.

  • SMOOTHIE is sent to the rebate contract twice a day at 3pm and 3am UTC.

  • The amount of SMOOTHIE sent to the contract will vary depending on DAO reserves.

  • Rebates may be turned off if it's in the interest of protocol health i.e. if SMOOTHIE price is low

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